Gartner Report:

5 DRaaS Questions to Ask

Download this Gartner Research report to find out exactly which questions DRaaS providers should be able to answer for you.

Gartner Report: 5 DRaaS Questions to Ask

Disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) adoption has accelerated, especially for cost-conscious small or midsize business (SMB) customers, which today represent approximately 60% of production DRaaS instances. In this special report, Gartner breaks DRaaS down to 5 key talking points so you can evaluate DRaaS offerings with confidence. Better yet, Gartner provides the answers you want to hear from providers—and ones that should raise red flags. Learn more about:

  • SLAs specific to DRaaS
  • Specialized and Standardized Onboarding
  • Provider Resources
  • Restore and Failback Functionality
  • Security

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